Street Fighter 5 – an overview

As we all know, more number of video games are getting launched in various genres. However, the attention towards the fighting video games is always considered to be higher. That is many video game players tend to show more interest in playing the fight games as these games tend to provide them the best adventurous experience. While considering the fighting games, the most trending game in the current market is the street fighter V. This game was released in the year 2016. This game was released for two versions which include Windows and Play station 4. Even though the Linux version was announced, they were not launched.

Fighting game play

The street fighter 5 is similar to that of their predecessor games. This is a 2D game and it is available in two modes. The modes include single player and multi player mode. The ultimate aim of the gamers should be fighting against their opponent. Obviously both the players should fight hard to win their opponent. In order to knock their enemies they can make use of the special skills involved in the game. The player who tends to use these skills in the right way will win the game.


When the game launched it involved only 16 characters. Later in each and every series many new characters were introduced. The characters are supposed to have different abilities and specialties. Hence the gamers should be aware of these things for choosing the best character for their game. It is to be noted that there are also options through which the gamers can buy the characters with the real money and can use it for their gaming needs. The gamers who are new to this game must understand these characters and their efficiency in order to choose the right one.

Online reviews

The game play of the street fighter 5 will be more challenging than the previous versions. And this series is also supposed to have many new features which tend to add more value for this game. The gamers who are in need to know about these features can consider the reviews. There are many review websites where the gamers can find the best reviews over this game. Through the reviews, they can also collect the best tips for playing this game in the better way. The players can also consider the reviews for choosing the best version for their gaming experience. In case if they are in need of Street Fighter 5 PC download they must approach the best website for it.